London based Node.js specialist passionate about making life for the end user better. Turning ideas into a compelling user experience is what I do best.


  1. Tesco

    June 2014 - Present
    • Developed a component architecture (Using Duo) to share application code across sites such as Tesco Groceries, Tesco Direct, F&F and their other International offerings.
    • Developed a Node.js architecture that can render entirely on the server but also in the browser to give users the best possible experience.
    • Trained a team of front end JS developers to build components using the above Node.js framework.
  2. AdStream

    February 2013 - June 2014
    • Developed a client facing API and built LiveDocs a Node.js framework for building, documenting and providing a HTML testing interface for the RESTful APIs.
  3. Clock

    August 2013 - November 2013
    • Lead architect/developer building a mobile web app to allow journalists to publish stories/pictures from their mobile phones. Initially built for Sunday World.
    • Helped support various Node.js projects including Sun Lotto, Sun Perks and the new Times Plus website.
  4. News UK

    April 2013 - August 2013
    • Lead Node.js architect/developer working to move The Sun mobile app (iOS and Android) over to server side rendering.
    • Trained a team of front end developers to the point of competency with Node.js.
  5. GoSquared

    March 2012 - April 2013
    • Lead Node.js developer and maintainer of the Timeline, Twitter Search, Twitter Followers and sources widget along with the back end API's which power them.
    • Introduced a culture of writing tests, continuous integration and many other industry best practices at GoSquared.
  6. AKQA

    August 2010 - March 2012
    • Volkswagen Configurator. Owned delivery of Holtzauto page (landing page), primary navigation, share, profanity checking (send to friend), exit confirmation, tray filtering, explore view, Omniture tracking and tenant admin interface. Lead developer on finance interface and disclaimers framework.
    • Lead developer on Nike Academy micro site.


  1. Staffordshire University
    • BSc(Hons) Internet Technology


cross browser coding techniques. , , , AJAX, , JSONP. , , . Experience using and creating various custom and open source MV* frameworks.

6 years commercial experience and even longer contributing to the open source community. Experience developing frameworks for sharing code (templates/routes) between the client and server.
Cross browser, simple, clean, elegant designs. Lots of experience building responsive designs that scale down well when viewed on mobile devices. Experience with Less and SASS preprocessor
Experience using . Enterprise experience with and various Oracle offerings. Experience with Redis, Elastic Search MongoDB and other custom NoSQL solutions.
I use Git for a number of personal and professional projects. Experience with tagging, forking, branching merging and rebasing.
External APIs
Implemented a number of applications to the Heroku platform. Built tAuth (twitter oAuth library) to work with the new twitter oAuth API in Node.js.
A strong advocate of agile methodologies. Experience with Scrum, Kanban and less formal implementations.
Experience with Mocha, Sinon and Jasmine. Published Jasmine.async to allow Jasmine tests to work easily with Node.js and NPM. Coverage reports with Istanbul.
Author of Sizlate a templating engine for Node.js. Experience using the following commercially: Jade, ejs. Handlebars, JSDOM, Cheerio, Mustache XSLT and many more.


In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog, photography and keeping up to date with politics.

I help run and mentor at the London Node School events and help to organise the London Node User Group (LNUG).

I have written an article for Net magazine on 'Writing Maintainable Express applications' and have previously contributed evidence to the House of Lords Information Committee explaining the best ways to publish data on the web. My contribution was published and referenced several times in the committee report.

I also like Marmite.


Available on request.