Simon McManus

Javascript Engineer

My Second Look at TiddlyWiki


Right, if your wondering if you missed a post about my first look at TiddlyWiki fear not. I didn’t blog about it because it was largely unsuccessful. I made the mistake of not exploring the UI properly before diving straight into the source code. While it was good to explore the structure of the underlying code it soon became clear this was not the best way to learn my way round. 

Ok so first of all I spent five minutes watching Jon Lister playing around with TiddlyWiki. It soon became clear I was meant to be coding in though the web interface. This is something I particularly liked about the Jot platform (the ability to edit the code underlying a page from within the browser) Its going to be interesting to see how the two compare.

So at this point I decided it would be a good idea to start looking at some of the real simple tutorials, Here are some of the ones I worked though:

In the TiddlyWiki fashion these are no long drawn out tutorials but rather tiddlers of information each describing one particular piece of functionality.

At this stage I started copying and pasting lots of little code snippets into my own tiddlyWiki to see how the code worked. This proved a far more successful way to learn my way round the basics.

So my experience of TiddlyWiki is still very limited but I am starting to get a good understanding of what it does and how it goes about doing it.

One of the good things about this job is that I get to work with Jeremy Ruston the creator of TiddlyWiki, this gives me the great opportunity to ask him questions about tiddlyWiki and then report back to you with the answers:

Questions for Jeremy………..

Why did he create TiddlyWiki?

The thing I really like about the Open Source world is that you don’t need to show ROI or provide a business case in order to create software. I want to understand what his motivations were and what he originally expected.

And some other questions : 

  • What did he originally build TiddlyWiki for? 

  • When did he create TiddlyWiki?

  • What are his initial plans for integrating the SDK with TiddlyWiki? 

  • What big plans does he have for TiddlyWiki in the future?  

Keep checking back and I should have some answers in the near future.

July 5th 2007