Simon McManus

Javascript Engineer

Confused by Convergence

Around a month ago I rather stupidly dropped my Sony Erickson k800i right into the middle of the river Crouch, I used the K800i primarily for its phone and camera functionality. It did have MP3 but I never really like the interface or experience. Now I come to replace it I wonder what I should be replacing it with . Afew years ago, I was waiting for a phone that did at least:

  • digital camera > 3.5 mega pixel.

  • MP3 Player > 10gb

  • Bluetooth

  • Wifi

  • good UI

I could go on for a long time here, and the longer my list the longer my wait! Fortunately I  am not writing the spec for a phone. Rather I am trying to point out that i don't think there will ever be phone which ever truly meets my requirements. I recently got to play with the iPhone, and while it clearly lays the foundations for the UI of phones in the future it still has a number of key things missing, most notably :

  • the ability to search and buy music from the mobile device.

  • Positioning

Im am sure that Apple will release newer version of the phone with this functionality for a price, but by that time there will of course be newer feature which are not present. This is of course the nature of innovation but I wonder if there is a bigger point here. I have always been interested in the term "a jack of all trades is a master of none." When a phone, service, site, shop or even social network aggregation point tries to do everything, the chances are that they will not be able to do any of the things as well as if they attempted to one particular thing very well.

August 29th 2007