Simon McManus

Javascript Engineer

Facebook want to take Developers to court!!

I just found this page :

The guy worked out some code which lets you update your status from facebook.

It is with great disappointment that I must make this announcement. Facebook has requested that I remove the code from my website. They have also contacted everyone else who has found my code and publicly mentioned that they are using it. I originally did not comply, but my Facebook account was disabled and legal action was about to be pursued.

I am saddened at this turn of events because the idea behind the code was to extend Facebook’s current service and fill in the gap that their API had. The API still does not provide a means for updating ones status.

To everyone who found my code useful, everyone who ported my code to various other languages, those who integrated my code into their projects, and those who believe in Federated Status, Thank You.

\- Christian Flickinger
September 21st 2007