Simon McManus

Javascript Engineer

Product Streaming for ccTiddly???

My recent play/ blog post with life streaming script got me thinking. Today I've been looking at the various online resources for ccTiddly. Currently we have : - ccTiddly on Sourceforge - Google Groups on ccTiddly - Cool Colds blog []( - My Blog - Wiki for ccTiddly - Wiki for ccTiddly developers. - SVN for ccTiddly - Trac for Tiddlywiki

and there are potentially more. Most of these produce some kind of RSS feed. It would be nice to provide an aggregated view of all these feeds in a similar way to Life Streaming.

At a quick glance I can see a few problems. The Wikis are being hosted on the TiddlyWiki Media Wiki installation which does not appear to provide an RSS feed per page. Maybe this can be resolved using the media wiki categories feed .

Anyway, just a thought, would anyone find this usefull?

Comments and suggestions welcome as always.

January 7th 2008