The Google Maps API

Now that we can find out the logitude and latitude of  a persons mobile number (see this post) the next step is to get the Google API set up.   This post talks you through setting up the Maps API (its very simple)

1 .. First of all you need to register for a google maps api account. You can do that here

2 ..  Make sure that you specify a the folder that you file will actually be sitting in. (it wont work otherwise)

3 ..  You then simply need to create a file in the folder specifed and then add the below code.

4 .. Note that you will need to change the "YOURKEY" value to your key.



        BT SDK Location Service



On the above application the script is current hard coded to show my current location (51.5052680969, -0.102480553091).  Over the coming posts I will discuss how to integrate this fuctionality into the the BT SDK location example