The Robbie Clutton Problem.

Robbie seems to be getting slightly annoyed about people such as myself who link their accounts with their wordpress accounts.  He explains his problem in the following blog post :

I quite like this functionality, I have had a number of comments about the links which  I post. I also like the way people can know what I am reading and thinking about in between normal posts.

As Robbie points out you can get a direct stream of my feed from this page.

I value Robbie as a reader/commenter  so dont want to continue to enrage his anger, I  looked at the settings thinking I would make it update once a week,  unfortunately I can only configure the hour of the day at which the update occurs.

Id be interested in any comments for or against Robbies motion, if no-one says they like viewing my links in their RSS reader I will remove the mystical link.

This has also got me thinking about aggregation in a slightly different way, in some ways I like RSS feeds which are about a particular topic, but I also like the fact that certain blogs aggregate various different topics.

Comments please...