Those Fuckers at Facebook - Part Two

So it appears that my facebook applications still doesnt work.  Its been at least 15 hours since mock Ajax worked and I have been getting reports that the issue started (albeit intermittently)  about 32 hours ago.

I have previously blogged about the dangers of any application that relies on an external platform over which we have not contractual support, i think this highlights the issue, but most of all makes facebook look very bad.

At my demo tomorrow I can explain the situation and providing mock ajax still works on the beta platform use that.  With that said it is really not the point.   Since this morning I have been closely watching the developer forum and have been popped in and out of the facebook IRC channel.   What have facebook said? Absolutely nothing, 15 hours into the issue facebook have still not even ackolwedged the issue exists.

There is no way that Facebook can continue to piss of the developers who ultimately they rely on for the further expansion and inovation around their platform.    In the enterprise environment there would be very clearly defined SLA's for service up time, change notifications, support fix times etc.

Lets hope facebook learn from this and start to provide some kind of SLA (any level of service would be nice.) As developers we may not pay them money but we are  a massive part of their business model and I think we deserve some respect.