Bullshit 2.0

I'm currently at the second day of the LeWeb3 Conference. For a long time I have disliked the term "web 2.0" for a number of reasons.

It has no clear definition, different people take it to mean completely different things.

The web is evolving, it is not released in easily defined iterations.

Doc Searls asked the question in his talk: who can define web 2.0? About 2 people in an audience of 1000 people raised their hands.

Often these terms are used to describe things that we don't quite understand or can't explain. I once overhead Tom Morris say that its only non-developers who use the term web 2.0.

Its scary how many time I have heard people say they want a web 2.0 app. This post talks about how innovation has become a dirty word. I think the same can be said for anything ending 2.0.

I would love to see an end to terminology 2.0 but realistically I can only ask that if people insist on using these terms they follow it by an explanation of what they actually mean.