The Ultimate N95 hack - Helicopters

It struck me while watching the below video of the Nokia n95 yesterday that the n95 has all the necessary equipment required to run an r/c helicopter.


With its built in GPS and the ability to run a web server, It would seem sensible to replace the radio receiver from a helicopter with a bluetooth one (as shown in the above video)

Ive also been playing with the nokia's on board web server. It works, although the connection is not exactly reliable.

With a connection it would be really easy to control the helicopter from anywhere on the web!

Ive not quite worked out how we avoid killing folk when the connection drops out.

I consulted NATS about this (ok my sister in law) and it would basically only be legal to fly over private property and below a certain heights.

I really want to scratch this itch but think it could be a little dangerous and I dont really have enough space.

I will try to get up some other posts about the stuff I have been doing with the n95.

The web server stuff is particularly cool

I am particularly looking forward to PAMP in early Jan:

Merry Christmas every body.