Enterprise TiddlyWiki

TiddlyWiki has been used for a number of years to organise information, what requirements would an enterprise version of TiddlyWiki have?

TiddlyWiki can be used in the enterprise as a collaboration tool allowing multiple users to contribute to a single TiddlyWiki. In this particular instance we wish to build a sit allowing BT staff to have their own personal Wikis on the intranet.

SiteMinder is the default authentication method used for all BT applications (both internal and external.) In order to conform to BT's security policy the authentication and authorization will have to be done through SiteMinder. More details about this will be provided soon.

History and Auditing - The system should be able to see all the previous revisions of a document and see who has made each of the changes.

Site Structure - When a user first visits the site a TiddlyWiki homepage should be created for them. The URL should take the form :


which would be extracted from my email address.

Any pages which I then create should be made as sub folders of simon.mcmanus. e.g.


The idea of this is to give users their own space on the BT intranet where they can store many TiddlyWikis.