Steps for setting up the SDK

For a number of BT Osmosoft demos we have demonstrated how to make phone calls from within a TiddlyWiki, I thought i would provide a post which explains exactly what we did in order to set up the PHP side of these demos.

The demo I am refering to can be found at the following URL's:

- Speed Geeking

Step 1 You need a web server running :

  • PHP 5.2

  • OpenSSL and SOAP PHP extensions

Step 2 - Register for an account at

Step 3 - Download the PHP source files: Downloads > PHP

Step 4 - Upload the files to a folder on your web server.

Step 5 - Registering your applications...

Note : Before you can use the SDK you will need to register an application (One registration covers all of your programs)

You can register application at the URL below:

In order to run the certificate generation tool you may need the latest version of “Java Runtime Environment (JRE)” from (you will receive an error when attempting to run the tool if you require this upgrade.)

When you use the tool 3 files will be generated on your desktop. (I called my app Umbrella)


Two of those files :


Should then be place in a folder called keys (which you may need to create).

Step 6 - Open the common.php file which can be found in the folder:


Step 7 - Ensure that the application name is the same as the one specified when generating your certificate**.**

Step 9 - Running the code. If you have used the default installation settings go to and edit the file:


Change the variables for :

$calling = “tel:+44791″;  
$called = “tel:+44791″;  

You will need to modify these two lines so that they can receive an input from the URL, I would suggest changing these to:

$calling ='tel:'.$\_REQUEST\['callingParty'\];  
$called = 'tel:'.$\_REQUEST\['calledParty'\] ;  

You will need to ensure that the variable names are the same as the variables sent my TiddlyWiki.

Let me know if you have any problems.