My First (very simple) Facebook Application using the BT Web21c SDK

This is a simple proof of concept

Firstly I took the existing PHP example code for CallMe (from the BT SDK PHP Examples) and modified it.

For more info on getting the PHP SDK set up please see this post.  It talk about setting up the SDK locally but its very similiar when FTPing up to a live web server.

Please note that should you want to use this code you will need to modify  the line :

    $called = "tel:+44YOUR\_MOBILE\_NUMBER\_HERE";  

 #!/usr/bin/env php  
require\_once(dirname(\_\_FILE\_\_) . '/../../web21c.php');  
require\_once(dirname(\_\_FILE\_\_) . '/../common.php');  
echo 'no number to call';  
    $calling = "tel:+".$\_REQUEST\['tel'\];  
    $called = "tel:+44YOUR\_MOBILE\_NUMBER\_HERE";  
     \*  make one phone ring another  
    $web21c = new Web21c($applicationName, $environment);  
    $voice = $web21c->SessionThirdPartyCall();  
    $r = $voice->makeCall($calling, $called, 30);  
    print "call made as : " . $r->callId . "\\n";  

Putting this code up on the internet will expose your account to others so we suggest placing it somewhere that only you know about it.

The changes mean that a user can call your number by passing it in the

phpWeb21C/cmds/MakeCall.php?tel=OTHER TEL NUM

the format of the number is 44000000000  (the + is added by the php file)

You can check that it works simply by specifying a different phone number to the one specified previously.

To create the Facebook application I simply provided the introdution to facebook apps....

I suggest you go up to at least step 18.

When you have got this far you can change the index.php file so it contains the code below:

Please note that you will need to change  the action value to the absolute URL where the BT SDK files are stored.

<form action="[http://YOURAPPLICATIONURL/phpWeb21C/examples/cmds/makeCall.php](http://yourapplicationurl/phpWeb21C/examples/cmds/makeCall.php)">  
<input type="text" name="tel" />  
<input type="SUBMIT" name="SUBMIT"  value="submitx\`"/>