Simon McManus and Osmosoft

What with the launch of the official site linking to my blog I thought it would be appropriate to give you an idea of what I hope to do in BT Osmosoft. As a part of BT we will have a focus on using the BT SDK ( which provides the following services :

  • SMS

  • Voice Calls

  • Conference Calls

  • Authentication

  • Information about Me

  • Location

  • Contacts

here are my current ideas of how I would like to use them :

WordPress Plug-in -

WordPress is a popular open source blogging application. I would like to create a plug-in for WordPress which integrates some of the functionality mentioned above. The most obvious use would be a widget with a "text me" or "Ring Me" button allowing readers to get in contact with the blog owner on their mobile without exposing the mobile number.

Facebook Application -

I like Facebook, its very addictive. Ive been particularly keeping an eye on the application that resulted from its API.

( One of the things which I find interesting about facebook applications is their ability to spread very very quickly....

So what kind of functionality would I be looking to integrate into Facebook? Below are some initial ideas.....

1 .. Allow users to store their contact details and provide a "call me" and "text me" buttons on facebook.

2 .. Use the BT SDK Location service to display a users location

3 .. Integration with BT Vault - let users share files using BT Vault on facebook.

4 .. Import/Export of BT contacts One Address book and Facebook contacts?

5 .. Some kind of Yellow Pages (YELL.COM) integration?

6 .. Interface into MSN, Yahoo, AOL and google chat all from within facebook.

I will post updates and new ideas on this blog so please keep checking back.