nokia n95 stuff.

This post is just a load of useful links and info about things you can do with the Nokia n95.

I was going to send it to a friend via email but it seemed worth turning into a blog post.

Installation Tip : I have experienced some problems when trying to extract and install .zip files on the phone. If you do have this problem you can try unzipping them on your PC and then send the files one by one. The installation file is usually a .sis file.

A guide to setting up you nokia n95 to run gmail through the phones built in functions can be found at:

I don't actually use this method. Its set up but it doesn't seem to work with gmail very well. I believe a benefit of this technique is that you can attach files when sending emails.

Google Mail Application

I don't use this either. I just connect over the web and have a bookmark stored which is linked to from the main screen.

Other Applications :

Rotate Me

Auto rotation: when you turn your device, the screen automatically rotates.

Not played with this one too much yet.




To play AVI files rather than just mp4s.



I am really looking forward to this being released for the mac.


drink beer from your n95.


Spirit level tool for the n95!

QR Code Generator

You don't need to download any software, the n95 has a built in QR code reader, from this site you can generate QR codes to try on your phone.

Dr. Jukka’s Inclinometer

Y-Inclinometer by Dr.Jukka is an instrument for measuring angles of slope (or tilt), elevation or inclination of an object with respect to gravity . You have only to fix your phone and adjust it so that it is perfectly upright in your vehicle :)

More apps and reviews :

Running a Web Server from the N95

Mobile Web Server

allows you to run a web server on the phone.

PAMP - Personal Apache Mysql and PHP

I am yet to grasp the potential of everyone walking around with a web server in their pocket. ccTiddly is nearly working on PAMP and I have been reading some interesting use cases. Notably a bar which pulls its music from everyones phones and can also project videos from peoples phones onto the walls.

I'm off to Brazil for two weeks but will post more about the potential of the n95  running a web server when I get back.