Google Images in TiddlyWiki...and maybe flickr?

After playing with the server side search for ccTiddly and knowing there were some project on the horizon that wanted to integrate google search into tiddlywiki results I decided to add google search into TiddlyWiki. An example of which can be found here.

As an extension to that I decided to add a google images search.

I have uploaded an example to Tiddlyspot at:

The tiddlers which make it all work  are:

Overrides search onKeyPress function so that tw searches google when the users presses enter.

Includes the google javascript file, you will need to change the API key (at the end of the URI) if using on a domain other than Tiddlyspot.

Code that creates the drop down list of images.

Allows tiddlers tagged "image" to use a different template.

Adds images link to the EditTemplate. Im sure there is a better way of doing this.

It all works by storing the URI to the thumbnail in the tiddler title. With this template we hide the title.

and Flickr?

I started playing with the flickr API, its returning the results in JSON but I have not had time to integrate that into the above script.

If you look at the flickr tiddler its currently searching for "simonmcmanus"

Given that im now on holiday its not going to get done for quite a while. If anyone wants to make a tiddlywiki flickr plugin the pieces are all in place.

Comments and suggestions welcome as usual but pls be aware that I may not respond for a good few weeks. :)