Time for a blog post about twitter.

I was a slow starter when it came to twitter, im now subscribed to about 54 people and they generates a good few tweats.(updates) I now rarely read beyond the first page so I miss quite a few of them.

I found it interesting how the whole twitter experience became more enjoyable again when I unsubscribed from @Scobleizer. The human brain may be good at filtering information but its alot happier when it doesn't have to. For a while twitter was reminding me of Outlook. It turns out that was because I was using it like Outlook by not missing a tweat.

That is where I was going wrong....

An email never guarantees that it has been received, and certainly not that due care and attention has been paid to reading and digesting the information contained with in it. That however is exactly what people expect. With twitter I have not seen the same expectations.

I like to think about tweats as throw away comments that may not be read by any one, and thats fine, but they could also make someone smile or avoid two people doing exactly the same piece of work.

I am really looking forward to having ccTiddly at a stage where we can recreate things like twitter. If twitters success is all about constraints it will be really interesting to see what happens when we tweak those constraints for different environments.